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WRITE(2)										 WRITE(2)

       write - write on a file

       write(fildes, buffer, nbytes)
       char *buffer;

       A file descriptor is a word returned from a successful open, creat, dup, or pipe(2) call.

       Buffer  is  the	address  of nbytes contiguous bytes which are written on the output file.
       The number of characters actually written is returned.  It should be regarded as an  error
       if this is not the same as requested.

       Writes  which are multiples of 512 characters long and begin on a 512-byte boundary in the
       file are more efficient than any others.

       creat(2), open(2), pipe(2)

       Returns -1 on error: bad descriptor, buffer address, or count; physical I/O errors.

       (write = 4.)
       (file descriptor in r0)
       sys write; buffer; nbytes
       (byte count in r0)

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