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Unix Version 7 - man page for stat (v7 section 2)

STAT(2) 			       System Calls Manual				  STAT(2)

       stat, fstat - get file status

       #include <sys/types.h>
       #include <sys/stat.h>

       stat(name, buf)
       char *name;
       struct stat *buf;

       fstat(fildes, buf)
       struct stat *buf;

       Stat  obtains detailed information about a named file.  Fstat obtains the same information
       about an open file known by the file descriptor from a  successful  open,  creat,  dup  or
       pipe(2) call.

       Name points to a null-terminated string naming a file; buf is the address of a buffer into
       which information is placed concerning the file.  It is unnecessary to  have  any  permis-
       sions  at  all  with  respect to the file, but all directories leading to the file must be
       searchable.  The layout of the structure pointed to by buf as defined in <stat.h> is given
       below.  St_mode is encoded according to the `#define' statements.

       The mode bits 0000070 and 0000007 encode group and others permissions (see chmod(2)).  The
       defined types, ino_t, off_t, time_t, name various  width  integer  values;  dev_t  encodes
       major  and  minor  device  numbers;  their  exact  definitions  are  in	the  include file
       <sys/types.h> (see types(5).

       When fildes is associated with a pipe, fstat reports an ordinary file with restricted per-
       missions.  The size is the number of bytes queued in the pipe.

       st_atime  is  the  file	was  last  read.  For reasons of efficiency, it is not set when a
       directory is searched, although this would be more logical.  st_mtime is the time the file
       was  last  written  or  created.  It is not set by changes of owner, group, link count, or
       mode.  st_ctime is set both both by writing and changing the i-node.

       ls(1), filsys(5)

       Zero is returned if a status is available; -1 if the file cannot be found.

       (stat = 18.)
       sys stat; name; buf

       (fstat = 28.)
       (file descriptor in r0)
       sys fstat; buf


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