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PROFIL(2)										PROFIL(2)

       profil - execution time profile

       profil(buff, bufsiz, offset, scale)
       char *buff;
       int bufsiz, offset, scale;

       Buff  points  to  an  area of core whose length (in bytes) is given by bufsiz.  After this
       call, the user's program counter (pc) is examined each clock tick (60th second); offset is
       subtracted  from  it,  and the result multiplied by scale.  If the resulting number corre-
       sponds to a word inside buff, that word is incremented.

       The scale is interpreted as an unsigned, fixed-point fraction with  binary  point  at  the
       left: 0177777(8) gives a 1-1 mapping of pc's to words in buff; 077777(8) maps each pair of
       instruction words together.  02(8) maps all instructions onto the beginning of buff  (pro-
       ducing a non-interrupting core clock).

       Profiling is turned off by giving a scale of 0 or 1.  It is rendered ineffective by giving
       a bufsiz of 0.  Profiling is turned off when an exec is executed, but remains on in  child
       and  parent  both  after  a  fork.  Profiling may be turned off if an update in buff would
       cause a memory fault.

       monitor(3), prof(1)

       (profil = 44.)
       sys profil; buff; bufsiz; offset; scale

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