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Unix Version 7 - man page for prof (v7 section 1)

PROF(1) 				       General Commands Manual					      PROF(1)

prof - display profile data
prof [ -v ] [ -a ] [ -l ] [ -low [ -high ] ] [ file ]
Prof interprets the file mon.out produced by the monitor subroutine. Under default modes, the symbol table in the named object file (a.out default) is read and correlated with the mon.out profile file. For each external symbol, the percentage of time spent executing between that symbol and the next is printed (in decreasing order), together with the number of times that routine was called and the number of milliseconds per call. If the -a option is used, all symbols are reported rather than just external symbols. If the -l option is used, the output is listed by symbol value rather than decreasing percentage. If the -v option is used, all printing is suppressed and a graphic version of the profile is produced on the standard output for display by the plot(1) filters. The numbers low and high, by default 0 and 100, cause a selected percentage of the profile to be plotted with accordingly higher resolution. In order for the number of calls to a routine to be tallied, the -p option of cc must have been given when the file containing the routine was compiled. This option also arranges for the mon.out file to be produced auto- matically.
mon.out for profile a.out for namelist
monitor(3), profil(2), cc(1), plot(1)
Beware of quantization errors. PROF(1)

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