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PKON(2) 										  PKON(2)

       pkon, pkoff - establish packet protocol

       pkon(fd, size)


       Pkon establishes packet protocol (see pk(4)) on the open character special file whose file
       descriptor  is  fd.   Size  is  a  desired  packet  size,  a  power  of	2  in  the  range
       32<=size<=4096.	 The  size  is	negotiated  with  a  remote packet driver, and a possibly
       smaller actual packet size is returned.

       An asynchronous line used for packet communication should be in raw mode; see tty(4).

       Pkoff turns off the packet driver on the channel whose file descriptor is fd.

       pk(4), pkopen(3), tty(4), signal(2)

       Pkon returns -1 if fd does not describe an open file, or if packet communication cannot be

       Pkoff returns -1 for an unknown file descriptor.

       Writing on a packet driver link that has been shut down by close or pkoff at the other end
       raises signal SIGPIPE in the writing process.

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