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NICE(2) 										  NICE(2)

       nice - set program priority


       The scheduling priority of the process is augmented by incr.  Positive priorities get less
       service than normal.  Priority 10 is recommended to users who wish to execute long-running
       programs without flak from the administration.

       Negative  increments are ignored except on behalf of the super-user.  The priority is lim-
       ited to the range -20 (most urgent) to 20 (least).

       The priority of a process is passed to a child  process	by  fork(2).   For  a  privileged
       process	to return to normal priority from an unknown state, nice should be called succes-
       sively with arguments -40 (goes to priority -20 because of truncation), 20 (to get to  0),
       then 0 (to maintain compatibility with previous versions of this call).


       (nice = 34.)
       (priority in r0)
       sys nice

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