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tk(1) [v7 man page]

TK(1)							      General Commands Manual							     TK(1)

tk - paginator for the Tektronix 4014 SYNOPSIS
tk [ -t ] [ -N ] [ -pL ] [ file ] DESCRIPTION
The output of tk is intended for a Tektronix 4014 terminal. Tk arranges for 66 lines to fit on the screen, divides the screen into N col- umns, and contributes an eight space page offset in the (default) single-column case. Tabs, spaces, and backspaces are collected and plot- ted when necessary. Teletype Model 37 half- and reverse-line sequences are interpreted and plotted. At the end of each page tk waits for a newline (empty line) from the keyboard before continuing on to the next page. In this wait state, the command !command will send the command to the shell. The command line options are: -t Don't wait between pages; for directing output into a file. -N Divide the screen into N columns and wait after the last column. -pL Set page length to L lines. SEE ALSO
pr(1) TK(1)

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COL(1)							    BSD General Commands Manual 						    COL(1)

col -- filter reverse line feeds from input SYNOPSIS
col [-bfpx] [-l num] DESCRIPTION
col filters out reverse (and half reverse) line feeds so that the output is in the correct order with only forward and half forward line feeds, and replaces white-space characters with tabs where possible. This can be useful in processing the output of nroff(1) and tbl(1). col reads from the standard input and writes to the standard output. The options are as follows: -b Do not output any backspaces, printing only the last character written to each column position. -f Forward half line feeds are permitted (``fine'' mode). Normally characters printed on a half line boundary are printed on the fol- lowing line. -p Force unknown control sequences to be passed through unchanged. Normally, col will filter out any control sequences from the input other than those recognized and interpreted by itself, which are listed below. -x Output multiple spaces instead of tabs. -l num Buffer at least num lines in memory. By default, 128 lines are buffered. The control sequences for carriage motion that col understands and their decimal values are listed in the following table: ESC-7 reverse line feed (escape then 7) ESC-8 half reverse line feed (escape then 8) ESC-9 half forward line feed (escape then 9) backspace moves back one column (8); ignored in the first column carriage return (13) newline forward line feed (10); also does carriage return shift in shift to normal character set (15) shift out shift to alternative character set (14) space moves forward one column (32) tab moves forward to next tab stop (9) vertical tab reverse line feed (11) All unrecognized control characters and escape sequences are discarded. col keeps track of the character set as characters are read and makes sure the character set is correct when they are output. If the input attempts to back up to the last flushed line, col will display a warning message. SEE ALSO
expand(1), nroff(1), tbl(1) STANDARDS
The col utility conforms to X/Open Portability Guide Issue 4, Version 2 (``XPG4.2''). The -l option is an extension to the standard. HISTORY
A col command appeared in Version 6 AT&T UNIX. BSD
February 22, 1999 BSD

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