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PASSWD(1)										PASSWD(1)

       passwd - change login password

       passwd [ name ]

       This command changes (or installs) a password associated with the user name (your own name
       by default).

       The program prompts for the old password and then for the new one.  The caller must supply
       both.  The new password must be typed twice, to forestall mistakes.

       New passwords must be at least four characters long if they use a sufficiently rich alpha-
       bet and at least six characters long if monocase.  These rules  are  relaxed  if  you  are
       insistent enough.

       Only  the  owner of the name or the super-user may change a password; the owner must prove
       he knows the old password.


       login(1), passwd(5), crypt(3)
       Robert Morris and Ken Thompson, Password Security: A Case History

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