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PASSWD(1)						      General Commands Manual							 PASSWD(1)

passwd - change login password SYNOPSIS
passwd [ name ] DESCRIPTION
This command changes (or installs) a password associated with the user name (your own name by default). The program prompts for the old password and then for the new one. The caller must supply both. The new password must be typed twice, to forestall mistakes. New passwords must be at least four characters long if they use a sufficiently rich alphabet and at least six characters long if monocase. These rules are relaxed if you are insistent enough. Only the owner of the name or the super-user may change a password; the owner must prove he knows the old password. FILES
/etc/passwd SEE ALSO
login(1), passwd(5), crypt(3) Robert Morris and Ken Thompson, Password Security: A Case History PASSWD(1)

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PASSWD(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						 PASSWD(1)

passwd -- modify a user's password SYNOPSIS
passwd [-i infosystem] [-l location] [name] DESCRIPTION
Passwd changes the user's password. First, the user is prompted for their current password. If the current password is correctly typed, a new password is requested. The new password must be entered twice to avoid typing errors. The new password should be at least six characters long and not purely alphabetic. Its total length should be less than _PASSWORD_LEN (cur- rently 128 characters) although some infosystems allow longer passwords. Numbers, upper case letters and meta characters are encouraged. Once the password has been verified, passwd communicates the new password information to the authenticating host. -i infosystem This option specifies where the password update should be applied. Under Mac OS X 10.3, supported infosystems are: netinfo (default) The netinfo database containing the user's password. If no -l option is specified, the local netinfo database is assumed. file The local flat-files (included for legacy configurations). nis A remote NIS server containing the user's password. opendirectory A system conforming to opendirectory APIs and supporting updates (including LDAP, netinfo, etc). -l location This option causes the password to be updated in the given location of the choosen infosystem. When changing only the local password, pwd_mkdb(8) is used to update the password databases. for netinfo, location may be a domain name or server/tag for file, location may be a file name (/etc/master.passwd is the default) for nis, location may be a NIS domainname for opendirectory, location may be a directory node name The super-user privilages are not required change a user's current password if only the local password is modified. FILES
/etc/master.passwd The user database /etc/passwd A Version 7 format password file /etc/passwd.XXXXXX Temporary copy of the password file SEE ALSO
chpass(1), login(1), passwd(5), pwd_mkdb(8), vipw(8,) nicl(1) Robert Morris and Ken Thompson, UNIX password security. HISTORY
A passwd command appeared in Version 6 AT&T UNIX. 4th Berkeley Distribution June 6, 1993 4th Berkeley Distribution
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