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ST(1)							      General Commands Manual							     ST(1)

st - simple terminal SYNOPSIS
st [-c class] [-t title] [-v] [-e cmd] DESCRIPTION
st is a simple terminal emulator. OPTIONS
-t title Overrides the default title (st) -c class Overrides the default class ($TERM) -v Prints version information to standard output, then exits. -e cmd [arguments] Execute cmd instead of the shell. Type your command as you would on your shell. If this option is used, it must be the last on the command-line. This is the same behaviour as xterm/rxvt. st-0.0 ST(1)

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EVILVTE(1)						      General Commands Manual							EVILVTE(1)

evilvte - highly customizable terminal emulator based on VTE SYNOPSIS
evilvte [options] DESCRIPTION
evilvte is a terminal emulator. It supports almost everything VTE provides. It also supports tabs, automatic hiding of the tab bar, and the ability to switch encoding at runtime. Configuration is done by editing the source code and recompiling it. OPTIONS
-d Start evilvte as a dock. -e [program] [options] Specify the program to be run in evilvte. -f Start evilvte in fullscreen mode. -fn "[font] [size]" Specify font and font size. -g +X+Y Specify initial window geometry. -h Show help. -ls Use login shell. -o Show build-time configuration of evilvte. It is as same as the "showvte" command. -r Make evilvte run in root window. -T, -title [string] Specify program title. -v Show version of evilvte. -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 Specify the initial tab numbers. GTK+ OPTIONS --class [string] Specify WM_CLASS class. --name [string] Specify WM_CLASS name. SEE ALSO
showvte(1) AUTHOR
evilvte was written by Wen-Yen Chuang <caleb AT calno DOT com> EVILVTE(1)
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