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stl_mi(5) [ultrix man page]

stl_mi(5)							File Formats Manual							 stl_mi(5)

       stl_mi - software distribution master inventory file format

       The master inventory (mi) files are used by the subset kitting program when manufacturing subsets for installation with the utility.

       A master inventory file contains one record for each file in a product containing vendor-specified attribute information about each file in
       the kit.

       The master inventory contains ASCII data, one record per line.  Each record is composed of three fields, which must  be	separated  by  TAB

       Here is a description of each of the fields:

       FLAGS	 This is an integer flags value. The two lowest bits of this flag are defined. All other bits are reserved for use by Digital.

		 Bit  0 of this flag is the precedence bit. Setting the precedence bit for a file indicates to that a new copy of this file is not
		 as important to the target system as a copy that is already there. This is used by when determining which files to restore to the
		 system  after	updating a subset. Files containing configuration information that can be modified after being installed are often
		 marked with this flag.

		 Bit 1 of this flag is defined as the volatility bit. It is used to indicate that the file will change after  being  installed	to
		 the  target  system  and that the changes do not indicate that the contents of the file have been corrupted.  When an application
		 requires a log file, it is often installed as a zero length file on the target system. Such log files are normally marked in  the
		 master inventory with bit 1.

       PATHNAME  This  is  the name of the file for which the record exists. The pathname in this field must begin with a leading period (.).  All
		 records in the file must be sorted in ascending order on this field. There cannot be two records in a master inventory that  rep-
		 resent the same file. The program enforces these requirements.

       SUBSET	 The  name of the subset to which the file belongs. A file can be distributed as part of one subset only. Files that share a gnode
		 (links) must be in the same subset. Files that are in the product hierarchy but are not distributed as part of any subset  should
		 have a dash (-) in this field.

       This example shows a section of the master inventory used to manufacture a release of the ULTRIX software:
       0    ./etc/newfs    UDTBASE040
       0    ./etc/zoneinfo/Poland    -
       0    ./usr/bin/passwd	UDTBASE040
       0    ./usr/diskless/dev/rrz2c UDTDL040
       0    ./usr/etc/lockpw	UDTBASE040
       0    ./usr/include/search.h   UDTBASE040
       0    ./usr/lib/cmplrs/cc2.0/ppu	  UDTBASE040
       0    ./usr/lib/libplotdumb.a  UDTPGMR040
       0    ./usr/lib/terminfo/2/2621-nl  UDTBASE040
       0    ./usr/lib/terminfo/a/altoh19  UDTBASE040
       0    ./usr/lib/terminfo/h/h19b	  UDTBASE040
       0    ./usr/lib/terminfo/t/tek4024  UDTBASE040
       0    ./usr/man/man1/capsar.1  UDTMAN040
       0    ./usr/man/man1/ptx.1     UDTMAN040
       0    ./usr/man/man2/listen.2  UDTMAN040
       0    ./usr/man/man3/endhostent.3n  UDTMAN040
       0    ./usr/man/man3/ldaopen.3x	  UDTMAN040
       0    ./usr/man/man3/ruserok.3x	  UDTMAN040
       0    ./usr/man/man3/tparm.3cur	  UDTMAN040
       0    ./usr/man/man5/tzfile.5  UDTMAN040
       0    ./usr/man/man8/secsetup.8	  -
       0    ./usr/sys/MIPS/BINARY/mc146818clock.o   UDTBIN040
       0    ./usr/sys/data/dhu_data.c	  UDTBIN040
       0    ./usr/sys/h/devio.h UDTBASE040
       0    ./usr/sys/io/uba/qduser.h	  UDTBIN040
       0    ./usr/sys/net/rpc/clnt.h UDTBIN040
       0    ./usr/var/dss/ncs/llbd   UDTRPCRT040

See Also
       invcutter(1), kits(1), iff(8), setld(8).
       Guide to Preparing Software for Distribution on ULTRIX Systems


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invcutter(1)						      General Commands Manual						      invcutter(1)

invcutter - Generates a subset inventory file SYNOPSIS
/usr/lbin/invcutter [-d] [-f root-path] [-v version-code] OPTIONS
Enables debugging. No useful diagnostics are printed. Specifies an alternate root path for finding file attribute information. Specifies a 3-digit version code for use in the version field of the output records. The default version code is 010. DESCRIPTION
The contents of a software product kit for the setld(8) command are specified by a master inventory file whose format is described in the stl_mi(4) reference page. The invcutter command processes a master inventory file by reading inventory records from standard input and writing one record to standard output for each record read. The information contained in the output record is derived from the input record and from the file attribute information in the file hierar- chy rooted in the current directory. RESTRICTIONS
Input records must be sorted in ascending ASCII order on the pathname field. The invcutter command cannot process input-specified files which exist as sockets in the file hierarchy. If an input-specified file has a link count greater than 1, all other links to the file must be represented in the input. RETURN VALUES
An exit status of 0 indicates success. An exit status of 1 indicates an error. See ERRORS. ERRORS
The program cannot set its working directory to the pathname directory specified with the -f option. The error-message provides additional information. The nth input record is not in the correct sort order. All input records must be in ascending ASCII collating sequence on the pathname field. An error has occurred attempting to read the attributes of filename. The error-message explains exactly what happened. The file named by pathname is a socket. Sockets are not supported as valid file types for distribution. File pathname in the master inventory is linked to n files which do not appear in the master inventory. Check the inventory for validity with the newinv program. This informational message states how many files with unresolved links were detected in the input inventory. EXAMPLES
The following command generates inventory records for the master inventory entries in PDS020.mi. Output records contain version fields set to 020: invcutter -v 020 < PDS020.mi SEE ALSO
Commands: kits(1), newinv(1) Files: stl_inv(4), stl_mi(4) Guide to Preparing Product Kits invcutter(1)
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