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xfree(3x11) [ultrix man page]

XFree(3X11)							     MIT X11R4							       XFree(3X11)

       XFree, XNoOp - free client data

	  char *data;

	  Display *display;

       display	 Specifies the connection to the X server.

       data	 Specifies a pointer to the data that is to be freed.

       The function is a general-purpose Xlib routine that frees the specified data.  You must use it to free any objects that were allocated by

       The function sends a protocol request to the X server, thereby exercising the connection.

See Also
       X Window System: The Complete Reference, Second Edition, Robert W. Scheifler and James Gettys


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XSetWMIconName(3X11)						     MIT X11R4						      XSetWMIconName(3X11)

       XSetWMIconName, XGetWMIconName, XSetIconName, XGetIconName - set or read a window's WM_ICON_NAME property

       void XSetWMIconName(display, w, text_prop)
	  Display *display;
	  Window w;
	  XTextProperty *text_prop;

       Status XGetWMIconName(display, w, text_prop_return)
	  Display *display;
	  Window w;
	  XTextProperty *text_prop_return;

       XSetIconName(display, w, icon_name)
	  Display *display;
	  Window w;
	  char *icon_name;

       Status XGetIconName(display, w, icon_name_return)
	  Display *display;
	  Window w;
	  char **icon_name_return;

       display	 Specifies the connection to the X server.

       icon_name Specifies the icon name, which should be a null-terminated string.

		 Returns a pointer to the window's icon name, which is a null-terminated string.

       text_prop Specifies the structure to be used.

		 Returns the structure.

       w	 Specifies the window.

       The convenience function performs a on the WM_ICON_NAME property.

       The convenience function performs an on the WM_ICON_NAME property.

       The function sets the name to be displayed in a window's icon.

       can generate and errors.

       The function returns the name to be displayed in the specified window's icon.  If it succeeds, it returns nonzero; otherwise, if no icon
       name has been set for the window, it returns zero.  If you never assigned a name to the window, sets icon_name_return to NULL.  When fin-
       ished with it, a client must free the icon name string using

       can generate a error.

		 Name to be used in icon.

       The server failed to allocate the requested resource or server memory.

       A value for a Window argument does not name a defined Window.

See Also
       XAllocClassHint(3X11), XAllocIconSize(3X11), XAllocSizeHints(3X11), XAllocWMHints(3X11), XFree(3X11), XSetCommand(3X11), XSetTransient-
       ForHint(3X11), XSetTextProperty(3X11), XSetWMClientMachine(3X11), XSetWMColormapWindows(3X11), XSetWMName(3X11), XSetWMProperties(3X11),
       XSetWMProtocols(3X11), XStringListToTextProperty(3X11)
       X Window System: The Complete Reference, Second Edition, Robert W. Scheifler and James Gettys

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