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ypwhich(1yp) [ultrix man page]

ypwhich(1yp)															      ypwhich(1yp)

       ypwhich - determine which host is the current YP server or map master.

       ypwhich [-d domain] [-V1] [-V2] [hostname]
       ypwhich [-d domain] [-m mname][-t]]
       ypwhich -x

       The  command  identifies the YP server that currently supplies yellow pages services to a YP client.  It also identifies which YP server is
       the master for a map.  If invoked without arguments, returns the host name of the YP server for the local machine.  If hostname	is  speci-
       fied, checks that machine to find out which YP master it is using.

       Refer to and for an overview of the yellow pages.

	  Identifies which server is serving v.1 YP protocol-speaking client processes.

	  Identifies which server is serving v.2 YP protocol-speaking client processes.

	  If  neither  version is specified, attempts to locate the server that supplies the current v.2 services.  If there is no v.2 server cur-
	  rently bound, attempts to locate the server supplying the v.1 services.  Since YP servers and YP clients are both  backward  compatible,
	  the user need seldom be concerned about which version is currently in use.

       -d Uses domain instead of the current domain.

       -m mname
	  Finds  the  master YP server for a map.  No hostname can be specified with -m.  The mname argument can be a mapname, or a nickname for a

       -t Inhibits nickname translation and is useful if there is a mapname identical to a nickname.

       -x Displays the map nickname table.  This option lists the nicknames (mnames) that the command knows of, and indicates the mapname  associ-
	  ated with each nickname.

See Also
       ypfiles(5yp), rpcinfo(8nfs), ypserv(8yp), ypsetup(8yp)


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ypwhich(1)                                                         User Commands                                                        ypwhich(1)

ypwhich - return name of NIS server or map master SYNOPSIS
ypwhich [-d domain] [ [-t] -m [mname] | [-Vn] hostname] ypwhich -x DESCRIPTION
ypwhich returns the name of the NIS server that supplies the NIS name services to a NIS client, or which is the master for a map. If invoked without arguments, it gives the NIS server for the local machine. If hostname is specified, that machine is queried to find out which NIS master it is using. Refer to ypfiles(4) for an overview of the NIS name services. OPTIONS
-d domain Use domain instead of the default domain. -t This option inhibits map nickname translation. -m mname Find the master NIS server for a map. No hostname can be specified with -m. mname can be a mapname, or a nickname for a map. When mname is omitted, produce a list of available maps. -x Display the map nickname translation table. -Vn Version of ypbind, V3 is default. ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWnisu | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
ypfiles(4), attributes(5) SunOS 5.10 7 Apr 1995 ypwhich(1)
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