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uniq(1) [ultrix man page]

uniq(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   uniq(1)

       uniq - report repeated lines in a file

       uniq [-udc[+n][-n]] [input[output]]

       The  command  reads  the  input	file comparing adjacent lines.	In the normal case, the second and succeeding copies of repeated lines are
       removed; the remainder is written on the output file.  Note that repeated lines must be adjacent in order to be found.  For further  infor-
       mation, see

       The n arguments specify skipping an initial portion of each line in the comparison:

       -n Skips specified number of fields.  A field is defined as a string of non-space, non-tab characters separated by tabs and spaces from its

       +n Skips specified number of characters in addition to fields.  Fields are skipped before characters.

       -c Displays number of repetitions, if any, for each line.

       -d Displays only lines that were repeated.

       -u Displays only unique (nonrepeated) lines.

       If the -u flag is used, just the lines that are not repeated in the original file are output.  The -d option specifies  that  one  copy	of
       just the repeated lines is to be written.  The normal mode output is the union of the -u and -d mode outputs.

       The  -c option supersedes -u and -d and generates an output report in default style but with each line preceded by a count of the number of
       times it occurred.

See Also
       comm(1), sort(1)


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UNIQ(1) 						    BSD General Commands Manual 						   UNIQ(1)

uniq -- report or filter out repeated lines in a file SYNOPSIS
uniq [-cdu] [-f fields] [-s chars] [input_file [output_file]] DESCRIPTION
The uniq utility reads the standard input comparing adjacent lines, and writes a copy of each unique input line to the standard output. The second and succeeding copies of identical adjacent input lines are not written. Repeated lines in the input will not be detected if they are not adjacent, so it may be necessary to sort the files first. The following options are available: -c Precede each output line with the count of the number of times the line occurred in the input, followed by a single space. -d Don't output lines that are not repeated in the input. -f fields Ignore the first fields in each input line when doing comparisons. A field is a string of non-blank characters separated from adja- cent fields by blanks. Field numbers are one based, i.e. the first field is field one. -s chars Ignore the first chars characters in each input line when doing comparisons. If specified in conjunction with the -f option, the first chars characters after the first fields fields will be ignored. Character numbers are one based, i.e. the first character is character one. -u Don't output lines that are repeated in the input. If additional arguments are specified on the command line, the first such argument is used as the name of an input file, the second is used as the name of an output file. The uniq utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs. COMPATIBILITY
The historic +number and -number options have been deprecated but are still supported in this implementation. SEE ALSO
The uniq utility is expected to be IEEE Std 1003.2 (``POSIX.2'') compatible. BSD
January 6, 2007 BSD
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