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print(1)						      General Commands Manual							  print(1)

       print - pr to the line printer

       print file...

       The command uses to print a copy of each named file on the line printer.  It is a one line shell script:
       lpr -p $*

See Also
       lpr(1), pr(1)


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lpstat(1)						      General Commands Manual							 lpstat(1)

       lpstat - printer status information

       lpstat [ options ]

       The utility prints the status of the system printers.

       Without any options, prints the status of print requests made to the default printer.

       This command exists for X/OPEN compatibility.

       Some of the options can be followed by a list of arguments.  The arguments must be specified as follows:
       lpstat -uuser1,user2,user3
       List  items  can be separated by spaces, but the list must be enclosed in quotes.  If you do not include any arguments, all the information
       relevant to the option is printed.

       The valid options for are:

       -a (R)[ printer1, printer2, ...	(R)]

	  Print whether or not printers are accepting print requests.

       -d Print the name of the default system printer.

       -o (R)[ printer1, printer2, ...	(R)]

	  Print the status of print requests.

       -p (R)[ printer1, printer2, ...	(R)]

	  Print the status of printers.

       -r Print the status of the line printer daemon,

       -s Print a status summary, including the status of the line printer daemon and the default system printer.

       -t Print all status information.

       -u (R)[ user1, user2, ...  (R)]

	  Print the status of users' print requests.

See Also
       lp(1), lpq(1), lpr(1), lpc(8)

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