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TRY_TO_RELEASE_PAGE(9)		    Memory Management in Linux		   TRY_TO_RELEASE_PAGE(9)

       try_to_release_page - release old fs-specific metadata on a page

       int try_to_release_page(struct page * page, gfp_t gfp_mask);

	   the page which the kernel is trying to free

	   memory allocation flags (and I/O mode)

       The address_space is to try to release any data against the page (presumably at
       page->private). If the release was successful, return `1'. Otherwise return zero.

       This may also be called if PG_fscache is set on a page, indicating that the page is known
       to the local caching routines.

       The gfp_mask argument specifies whether I/O may be performed to release this page
       (__GFP_IO), and whether the call may block (__GFP_WAIT & __GFP_FS).

Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6.		    July 2010			   TRY_TO_RELEASE_PAGE(9)
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