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SuSE 11.3 - man page for parport_unregister_driver (suse section 9)

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PARPORT_UNREGISTER_D(9) 	      Parallel Port Devices		  PARPORT_UNREGISTER_D(9)

       parport_unregister_driver - deregister a parallel port device driver

       void parport_unregister_driver(struct parport_driver * drv);

	   structure describing the driver that was given to parport_register_driver

       This should be called by a parallel port device driver that has registered itself using
       parport_register_driver when it is about to be unloaded.

       When it returns, the driver's attach routine will no longer be called, and for each port
       that attach was called for, the detach routine will have been called.

       All the driver's attach and detach calls are guaranteed to have finished by the time this
       function returns.

Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6.		    July 2010			  PARPORT_UNREGISTER_D(9)
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