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SASLDBLISTUSERS2(8)					      System Manager's Manual					       SASLDBLISTUSERS2(8)

sasldblistusers2 - list users in sasldb SYNOPSIS
sasldblistusers2 [-f file] [-v] DESCRIPTION
sasldblistusers2 is used to list the users in the SASL password database (usually /etc/sasldb2). This will NOT list all the users in /etc/passwd, shadow, PAM, etc. only those created by SASL (via saslpasswd2). OPTIONS
-f file use file for sasldb -v Print libsasl2 version number and exit. SEE ALSO
saslpasswd2(8) rfc2222 - Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) CMU SASL
March 7, 2005 SASLDBLISTUSERS2(8)

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basic_sasl_auth(8)					      System Manager's Manual						basic_sasl_auth(8)

basic_sasl_auth - Basic Authentication using SASL (specifically the cyrus-sasl authentication method) Version 1.0 SYNOPSIS
basic_sasl_auth DESCRIPTION
basic_sasl_auth is an installed binary helper for Squid. SASL is configurable (somewhat like PAM). Each service authenticating against SASL identifies itself with an application name. Each application can be configured independently by the SASL administrator. CONFIGURATION
To configure the authentication method used the file basic_sasl_auth.conf can be placed in the appropriate location, usually /usr/lib/sasl. The authentication database is defined by the pwcheck_method parameter. Only the PLAIN authentication mechanism is used. Examples: pwcheck_method:sasldb use sasldb - the default if no conf file is installed. pwcheck_method:pam - use PAM authentication database pwcheck_method:passwd - use traditional /etc/passwd pwcheck_method:shadow - use slightly less traditional /etc/shadow Others methods may be supported by your cyrus-sasl implementation - consult your cyrus-sasl documentation for information. Typically the authentication database ( /etc/sasldb , /etc/shadow , PAM ) can not be accessed by a normal user. You should use setuid/set- gid and an appropriate user/group on the executable to allow the authenticator to access the appropriate password database. If the access to the database is not permitted then the authenticator will typically fail with "-1, generic error". chown root.mail basic_sasl_auth chmod ug+s basic_sasl_auth If the application name basic_sasl_auth will also be used for the PAM service name if pwcheck_method:pam is chosen. And example PAM config- uration file basic_sasl_auth.pam is also included. AUTHOR
This program was written by Ian Castle <> This manual was written by Ian Castle <> Amos Jeffries <> COPYRIGHT
This program and documentation is copyright to the authors named above. Distributed under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL) version 2 or later (GPLv2+). QUESTIONS
Questions on the usage of this program can be sent to the Squid Users mailing list <> REPORTING BUGS
Bug reports need to be made in English. See for details of what you need to include with your bug report. Report bugs or bug fixes using Report serious security bugs to Squid Bugs <> Report ideas for new improvements to the Squid Developers mailing list <> SEE ALSO
squid(8), SASL(3), PAM(7), passwd(1), shadow(5), chown(1), chmod(1), GPL(7), The Squid FAQ wiki The Squid Configuration Manual basic_sasl_auth(8)
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