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pwunconv(8) [suse man page]

pwunconv(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       pwunconv(8)

pwunconv - convert from shadow account SYNOPSIS
pwunconv [-P path] DESCRIPTION
pwunconv moves the passwords from /etc/shadow to /etc/passwd. The shadow file will be removed afterwards. All password aging informations will go lost. OPTIONS
-P, --path path The passwd and shadow files are located below the specified directory path. pwunconv will use this files, not /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow. FILES
passwd - user account information shadow - shadow user account information SEE ALSO
passwd(1), passwd(5), shadow(5), pwck(8), pwconv(8) AUTHOR
Thorsten Kukuk <> pwdutils January 2004 pwunconv(8)

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vipw(8) 						      System Manager's Manual							   vipw(8)

vipw,vigr - edit the password, group or shadow file SYNOPSIS
vipw [-g|-p|-s] vigr [-g|-p|-s] DESCRIPTION
vipw/vigr edits the passwd,group or shadow file after setting the appropriate locks to prevent file corruption. vipw edits per default the /etc/passwd file, vigr the /etc/group file. Extended attributes (like ACLs or security attributes) are preserved. ENVIRONMENT
EDITOR If the environment variable exists, the editor specified by this variable is used instead of the default vi(1). OPTIONS
-g, --group Edit /etc/group. -p, --passwd Edit /etc/passwd. -s, --shadow Edit /etc/shadow. -u, --usage Print a usage message and exit. --help Print a more verbose help text and exit. Print version information and exit. FILES
/etc/group - group account information /etc/passwd - user account information /etc/shadow - shadow account information SEE ALSO
attr(5), passwd(1), passwd(5), shadow(5), vi(1) AUTHOR
Thorsten Kukuk <> pwdutils October 2003 vipw(8)

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