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nagiosstats(8) [suse man page]

nagiosstats(8)							      nagios							    nagiosstats(8)

nagiosstats - report statistics information from the Nagios system SYNOPSIS
nagiosstats [-hVL] [-c config] [-m] [-d] DESCRIPTION
nagiosstats is a program designed to provide information on the running Nagios system. It can provide a brief summary of information, or it can be used to export specific information about the Nagios system into an MRTG-compatible format. For more information please consult the Nagios online documentation available at or the documentation available with your Nagios server's web page. OPTIONS
-c|--config=FILE The main configuration file. On openSUSE systems this defaults to /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg -m|--mrtg Print output in MRTG-compatible format. For more details run nagiosstats with --help -d|--data=VARS Comma-seperated list of variables to output in MRTG format. For more details run nagiosstats with --help. -h|--help A helpful usage message -V|--version Print version information -L|--license Print license details FILES
/etc/nagios Default configuration directory for Nagios AUTHOR
Nagios is written and maintained by Ethan Galstad <>. This manual page was written by sean finney <> for the Debian GNU/Linux operating system (but it may be freely used, modified, and redistributed by others) and adapted for openSUSE by Lars Vogdt. sean finney, Lars Vogdt February 2006, May 2010 nagiosstats(8)

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nagios(8)							      Nagios								 nagios(8)

Nagios - network/systems status monitoring daemon SYNOPSIS
nagios [-h] [-v] [-s] [-d] <main_config_file> DESCRIPTION
nagios is a daemon program that monitors the status of various network accessible systems, devices, and more. For more information, please consult the online documentation available at, or on your nagios server's web page. OPTIONS
main_config_file The main configuration file. On openSUSE systems this defaults to /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg -h A helpful usage message -v Reads all data in the configuration files and performs a basic verification/sanity check. Always make sure you verify your config data before (re)starting Nagios. You can also use the Nagios init script to verify your configuration - try: rcnagios check_verbose -s Shows projected/recommended check scheduling information based on the current data in the configuration files. -d Starts Nagios in daemon mode (instead of as a foreground process). FILES
/etc/nagios Default configuration directory for nagios AUTHOR
Nagios is written and maintained by Ethan Galstad <>. This manual page was written by sean finney <> for the Debian GNU/Linux operating system (but it may be freely used, modified, and redistributed by others) and adapted by Lars Vogdt for openSUSE. sean finney, Lars Vogdt February 2006, May 2010 nagios(8)

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