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cups-deviced(8) 			    Apple Inc.				  cups-deviced(8)

       cups-deviced - cups device daemon

       cups-deviced request-id limit user-id options

       cups-deviced  polls the backends in /usr/lib/cups/backend for a list of available devices.
       It is run by cupsd(8) in response to a CUPS-Get-Devices request. The output format  is  an
       IPP  response  message.	The  request-id  argument is the request ID from the original IPP
       request, typically 1. The limit argument is the limit value from the original IPP  request
       - 0 means no limit. The user-id argument is the requesting-user-name value from the origi-
       nal IPP request.  Finally, the options argument is a space-delimited  list  of  attributes
       ("name=value name=value ...") that were passed in with the request. Currently cups-deviced
       looks for the requested-attributes attribute and tailors the output accordingly.

       backend(7), cupsd(8), cupsd.conf(5),

       Copyright 2007-2009 by Apple Inc.

16 June 2008				       CUPS				  cups-deviced(8)
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