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IFCFG(5)			      Network configuration				 IFCFG(5)

       ifcfg-wireless - wireless LAN network interface configuration


       Wireless  networks  need  some  additional  configuration  data compared to ethernet ones.
       Therefore additional variables for ifcfg files were introduced.	All wireless LAN specific
       variables  are described in the ifcfg template file /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg.template.
       It is possible to configure more than one wireless network accepted  for  association.  To
       achieve	this  add  suffix _1 to all wireless variables for the second network, _2 for the
       this, and so on. Example: WIRELESS_ESSID_1="second_net" You can have up	to  ten  wireless
       networks  configured. Some wireless variables are not applicable to a single wireless net-
       work but are global to the interface. The description of the variable points this out.

       Please report bugs at <http://www.suse.de/feedback>

       Christian Zoz <zoz@suse.de> -- ifup script
       Michal Svec <msvec@suse.cz> -- ifup script
       Bjoern Jacke -- ifup script
       Mads Martin Joergensen <mmj@suse.de> -- ifup manual page
       Michal Ludvig <mludvig@suse.cz> -- tunnel support
       Joachim Gleissner <jg@suse.de> -- wireless support


sysconfig				  December 2005 				 IFCFG(5)
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