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Gtk2::Container(3)	       User Contributed Perl Documentation	       Gtk2::Container(3)




   $container->add ($widget)
       o   $widget (Gtk2::Widget)

   $container->add_with_properties ($widget, ...)
       o   $widget (Gtk2::Widget)

       o   ... (list) list of property name/value pairs

   integer = $container->get_border_width
   $container->set_border_width ($border_width)
       o   $border_width (integer)

   list = $container->child_get ($child, ...)
       o   $child (Gtk2::Widget)

       o   ... (list) list of property names

       Returns a list of properties of the child.

   list = $container->child_get_property ($child, ...)
       o   $child (Gtk2::Widget)

       o   ... (list)

       Alias for child_get

   $container->child_set ($child, ...)
       o   $child (Gtk2::Widget)

       o   ... (list) list of property name/value pairs

       Sets a list of properties on the child.

   $container->child_set_property ($child, ...)
       o   $child (Gtk2::Widget)

       o   ... (list)

       Alias for child_set

   string = $container->child_type
   list = $container->get_children
       Returns a list of Gtk2::Widget's, the children of the container.

   list = $container->get_focus_chain
       Returns a list of Gtk2::Widgets, the focus chain.

   $container->set_focus_chain (...)
       o   ... (list) of Gtk2::Widget's, the focus chain

       Sets a focus chain, overriding the one computed automatically by GTK+.

       In principle each widget in the chain should be a descendant of the container, but this is
       not enforced by this method, since it's allowed to set the focus chain before you pack the
       widgets, or have a widget in the chain that isn't always packed. The necessary checks are
       done when the focus chain is actually traversed.

   widget or undef = $container->get_focus_child
       Since: gtk+ 2.14

   $container->set_focus_child ($child)
       o   $child (Gtk2::Widget or undef)

   adjustment or undef = $container->get_focus_hadjustment
   $container->set_focus_hadjustment ($adjustment)
       o   $adjustment (Gtk2::Adjustment or undef)

   adjustment or undef = $container->get_focus_vadjustment
   $container->set_focus_vadjustment ($adjustment)
       o   $adjustment (Gtk2::Adjustment or undef)

   $container->forall ($callback, $callback_data=undef)
       o   $callback (subroutine) Code to invoke on each child widget

       o   $callback_data (scalar)

       Invoke $callback on each child of $container, including "internal" children.  Most
       applications should not use this function.  Compare with Gtk2::Container::foreach.

   $container->foreach ($callback, $callback_data=undef)
       o   $callback (subroutine) Code to invoke on each child widget

       o   $callback_data (scalar)

       Invoke $callback on each child of $container, ignoring "internal" children.

   $container->propagate_expose ($child, $event)
       o   $child (Gtk2::Widget)

       o   $event (Gtk2::Gdk::Event)

   $container->set_reallocate_redraws ($needs_redraws)
       o   $needs_redraws (boolean)

   $container->remove ($widget)
       o   $widget (Gtk2::Widget)

   resizemode = $container->get_resize_mode
   $container->set_resize_mode ($resize_mode)
       o   $resize_mode (Gtk2::ResizeMode)

       'border-width' (Glib::UInt : readable / writable / private)
	   The width of the empty border outside the containers children

       'child' (Gtk2::Widget : writable / private)
	   Can be used to add a new child to the container

       'resize-mode' (Gtk2::ResizeMode : readable / writable / private)
	   Specify how resize events are handled

       add (Gtk2::Container, Gtk2::Widget)
       remove (Gtk2::Container, Gtk2::Widget)
       check-resize (Gtk2::Container)
       set-focus-child (Gtk2::Container, Gtk2::Widget)

   enum Gtk2::ResizeMode
       o   'parent' / 'GTK_RESIZE_PARENT'

       o   'queue' / 'GTK_RESIZE_QUEUE'

       o   'immediate' / 'GTK_RESIZE_IMMEDIATE'

       Gtk2, Glib::Object, Glib::InitiallyUnowned, Gtk2::Object, Gtk2::Widget

       Copyright (C) 2003-2008 by the gtk2-perl team.

       This software is licensed under the LGPL.  See Gtk2 for a full notice.

perl v5.12.1				    2010-07-05			       Gtk2::Container(3)
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