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SuSE 11.3 - man page for fcconfigparseandload (suse section 3)

FcConfigParseAndLoad(3) 												   FcConfigParseAndLoad(3)

FcConfigParseAndLoad - load a configuration file
#include <fontconfig.h> FcBool FcConfigParseAndLoad (FcConfig *config, const FcChar8 *file);
Walks the configuration in 'file' and constructs the internal representation in 'config'. Any include files referenced from within 'file' will be loaded with FcConfigLoad and also parsed. If 'complain' is FcFalse, no warning will be displayed if 'file' does not exist.
Fontconfig version 2.4.1 16 October 2006 FcConfigParseAndLoad(3)

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