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SuSE 11.3 - man page for xbuild (suse section 1)

xbuild(1)						      General Commands Manual							 xbuild(1)

xbuild - Mono's tool to build MSBuild project files
xbuild [option] [project-file]
xbuild can be used to build MSBuild project files. Integrated Development Environments like MonoDevelop and "Microsoft Visual Studio .NET" use msbuild project file format. xbuild takes the path of the project or solution file to build, as the main argument. If no file is specified then it tries to build any solution file or project file in the current directory, that has a *proj extension.
/target:T1[,TN] List of targets to build /property:Name=Value Set or override project properties /logger:<logger> Custom logger to log build events /verbosity:<level> Logger verbosity level : quiet, minimal, normal, detailed, diagnostic /validate Validate the project file against the schema /validate:<schema> Validate the project file against the specified schema /consoleloggerparameters:<params> Parameters for the console logger /nologo Don't show the initial xbuild banner /help Show xbuild usage /version Display xbuild version
XBUILD_EMIT_SOLUTION If this variable is set, then the project file generated from a solution file is emitted. XBUILD_COLORS If this variable is set, it contains a string of the form "type=foreground,type=.." that specifies which color to use to display errors/warnings etc on some terminals. Type here can be: errors, warnings, messages or events events: These are project/target/task start and end event messages. The possible colors for foreground are: black, red, brightred, green, brightgreen, yellow, brightyellow, blue, brightblue, magenta, brightmagenta, cyan, brightcyan, grey, white and brightwhite. For example, you could set this variable from your shell: export XBUILD_COLORS XBUILD_COLORS=errors=brightred,warnings=blue You can disable the built-in color scheme by setting this variable to "disable".
Copyright (C) 2009 Novell, Inc (
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