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SuSE 11.3 - man page for splitdiff (suse section 1)

SPLITDIFF(1)							     Man pages							      SPLITDIFF(1)

splitdiff - separate out incremental patches
splitdiff [-a] [-d] [-p n] [file] splitdiff {[--help] | [--version]}
If you have a patch file composed of several incremental patches, you can use splitdiff to separate them out. You may want to do this in preparation for re-combining them with combinediff(1). The effect of running splitdiff is to separate its input into a set of output files, with no output file patching the same file more than once.
-a Split out every single file-level patch. -d Create file names such as a_b.c for a patch that modifies a/b.c. -p n Strip the first n components of the pathname to aid comparisons. --help Display a short usage message. --version Display the version number of splitdiff.
combinediff(1), lsdiff(1)
Tim Waugh <> Package maintainer patchutils 21 Oct 2003 SPLITDIFF(1)

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