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pfsoutexr(1)									     pfsoutexr(1)

       pfsoutexr - Write images or frames in OpenEXR format

       pfsoutexr [--compression <method>] [--keep-xyz] (<file> [--frames <range>])  [<file>...]

       Use  this  command to write frames in OpenEXR format. Source pfs frames should be piped to
       the Standard Input. This command can write arbitrary channels to OpenEXR,  color  channels
       XYZ however are specially handled (see option keep-xyz).

       All tags from pfs stream are stored in an OpenEXR file as String attributes. Tags assigned
       to channels are stored in the format <channel_name>:<tag_name>, so that pfsinexr can later
       restore tags in the appropriate channels.

       The  depth channel DEPTH is renamed to Z to keep compatibility with pfsinexr. If the lumi-
       nance is absolute (tag LUMINANCE set to ABSOLUTE),  WhiteLuminance  attribute  in  OpenEXR
       file is set to 1.

       Details	on  the  format  of  the  pattern  file names, which are used for saving multiple
       frames, can be found in the manual page of pfsoutppm.

       --compression <method>, -c <method>
	      Use one the the available compression methods:

	      NO - no compression

	      RLE - run length encoding

	      ZIPS - zlib compression, one scan line at a time

	      ZIP - zlib compression, in blocks of 16 scan lines

	      PIZ - piz-based wavelet compression (default)

	      PXR24 - lossy 24-bit float compression

	      By default, color channels XYZ from pfs stream are converted to RGB color space and
	      HALF  format, which is a standard format for color data in OpenEXR. Since Half for-
	      mat is 16-bit and floating points values used in pfs stream are 32-bit,  this  con-
	      version causes loss of precision. When keep-xyz option is specified, color channels
	      XYZ are stored as they are without any conversion (32-bit float XYZ channels). Note
	      however,	that  most OpenEXR applications can recognize only RGB Half format images
	      and can not handle 32-bit XYZ.

	      The maximum value that can be stored in OpenEXR file is limited to 65504 if  16-bit
	      HALF  float  is  used  (color  channels are stored by default in this format unless
	      --keep-xyz switch is specified). If the luminance data is  calibrated  in  absolute
	      values  (cd/m^2),  pixel	values	can  easily exceed 65504. To avoid clamping large
	      pixel values, pfsoutexr can rescale data to the range that is valid for 16-bit HALF
	      float  format  when --fix-halfmax switch is specified. If this switch is missing, a
	      warning message is displayed. Scale factor used for rescaling is stored in  OpenEXR
	      file  as	OpenEXR  standard  attribute  WhiteLuminance,  so that pfsinexr can later
	      restore the absolute values.

	pfsin memorial.hdr | pfsoutexr memorial.exr

	      Converts from one HDR format to another

       pfsout(1) pfsoutppm(1) pfsinexr(1)

       pfsinexr and pfsoutexr can not take stdin / stdout as an input/output (dash '-' instead of
       file name).

       Please	report	 bugs	and   comments	 on   implementation   to  the	discussion  group

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