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SuSE 11.3 - man page for monop (suse section 1)

monop(1)						      General Commands Manual							  monop(1)

monop, monop2 - Mono Class Outline Viewer
monop [-r:assembly] [--search] class
-r:assembly Specifies the assembly to use for looking up the type --search, -s, -k Searches through all known assemblies for types containing `class'. --refs Prints a list of the referenced assemblies for an assembly. Requires an assembly to be specified with -r:assembly. --filter-obsolete, -f Do not show obsolete types and members. --declared-only, -d Only show members declared in the type. --private, -p Show private members. --runtime-version Print runtime version.
Monop is a tool that allows you to view the outline of a class. You can see the signature of each member of the class. Use monop to explore 1.0 assemblies, use monop2 to explore 2.0 assemblies. The tool takes one option, the class to view. You must specify the full name of the class, including namespace. For generic classes, you must specify the generic arguments, for example: monop2 'System.Collections.Generic.List`1' The above is the string representation for the List<T> in System.Collections.Generic If you are unsure of the full name of the class, you can use the `--search' option to search through all known assemblies.
Visit for details.
Visit for details monop(1)

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