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scout(1) [suse man page]

SCOUT(1)							  SCOUT(1)

scout - A Package Scout SYNOPSIS
scout [global_options] {module} {search_term} [module_options] OPTIONS
The following options are available: global_options, module The global options are handled by scout itself. --format Specify the default output format. Choices are table (default), xml, csv. It's a replacement of the older scoutcsv, scoutxml links. --help Print a brief help. --version Print version. The respective module to search for. The following modules are available: autoconf Search for autoconf macros inside m4 files. bin Search for binaries contained in packages. header Search for C/C++/Obj-C/Obj-C++ headers java Search for Java classes inside packaged JAR files. python Search for Python modules. webpin Search in packages using the Webpin webservice. search_term The term you are looking for. module_options Additional module options. At the moment these are: --listrepos list all available repositories --repos=REPO, -r REPO select a repository to search (use a name from the --listrepos output) DESCRIPTION
Scout is a tool to look for uninstalled packages. For example, which binary does a package provide, which Java classes are available and which autoconf macros does a package contain. To search for your requested term, you need index data files which are a preconfigured SQLite 3 database. You have to install these in order to get your search request done. Use the Scout OBS data repository[1] to get additional index files. See the Wiki page about Scout[2] for more information. EXAMPLE 1: SEARCH FOR EXECUTABLES For example, to search for a sdl-config executable, you need the bin module: $ scout bin sdl-config You get the following output: repository | binary | path | package ------------+------------+-----------------------------+----------------- suse110 | sdl-config | /usr/bin | SDL-devel suse110 | sdl-config | /usr/lib/baselibs-32bit/bin | SDL-devel-32bit EXAMPLE 2: SEARCH FOR JAVA PACKAGES If you want to search for a Java package, use the following code: $ scout java org.apache.xml.serialize.Serializer You get: repository | package | jar | class ------------+------------------+---------------------+------------------------------------------------ jpackage17 | jboss4-testsuite | xerces.jar | org.apache.xml.serialize.Serializer jpackage17 | jboss4-testsuite | xerces.jar | org.apache.xml.serialize.SerializerFactory jpackage17 | jboss4-testsuite | xerces.jar | org.apache.xml.serialize.SerializerFactoryImpl jpackage17 | xerces-j2 | xerces-j2-2.9.0.jar | org.apache.xml.serialize.Serializer jpackage17 | xerces-j2 | xerces-j2-2.9.0.jar | org.apache.xml.serialize.SerializerFactory jpackage17 | xerces-j2 | xerces-j2-2.9.0.jar | org.apache.xml.serialize.SerializerFactoryImpl EXAMPLE 3: SEARCH THROUGH WEBPIN If you want to use the openSUSE Search Webservice[3]--also known as "Webpin"--use the following line: $ scout webpin docbook_5.xml You get: package | version | arch | repository URL | matched files -----------+---------+--------+-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------+------------------------ docbook_5 | 5.0 | noarch | | /etc/xml/docbook_5.xml docbook_5 | 5.0CR7 | noarch | | /etc/xml/docbook_5.xml docbook_5 | 5.0 | noarch | | /etc/xml/docbook_5.xml BASH COMPLETION
If you like to complete your options automatically through Bash, insert the following lines into your ~/.bashrc or /etc/bash.bashrc: if [ -f /etc/bash_completion.d/ ]; then . /etc/bash_completion.d/ fi SEE ALSO
command-not-found(1) AUTHORS
Pavol Rusnak <> Developer Michal Vyskocil <> Developer Ales Nosek <> Index data for Java Pascal Bleser <> Webpin code Marek Stopka <> Bash completion Thomas Schraitle <> Docbook documentation Klaus Kaempf <> Help with python-satsolver NOTES
1. Scout OBS data repository 2. Wiki page about Scout 3. openSUSE Search Webservice 08/07/2009 SCOUT(1)

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