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IPCLUSTER(1)															      IPCLUSTER(1)

ipcluster - IPython parallel computing cluster control tool SYNOPSIS
ipcluster {piexec,local,mpirun,pbs,ssh} [options] DESCRIPTION
ipcluster is a control tool for IPython's parallel computing functions. IPython cluster startup. This starts a controller and engines using various approaches. Use the IPYTHONDIR environment variable to change your IPython directory from the default of .ipython or _ipython. The log and security subdirectories of your IPython directory will be used by this script for log files and security files. POSITIONAL ARGUMENTS
The first positional argument should be one of: {mpiexec, local, mpirun, pbs, ssh}, which are the available cluster types. For detailed help on each, type "ipcluster TYPE --help". Briefly: local run a local cluster mpirun run a cluster using mpirun (mpiexec also works) mpiexec run a cluster using mpiexec (mpirun also works) pbs run a pbs cluster ssh run a cluster using ssh, should have ssh-keys setup OPTIONS
-h, --help show help message and exit EXAMPLE
ipcluster local -n 4 This command will start 4 IPython engines on the local computer. SEE ALSO
ipython(1),ipcontroller(1),ipengine(1) AUTHOR
ipcluster is a tool that ships with IPython, created by the IPython Development Team. This manual page was written by Stephan Peijnik <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). Modified by Fer- nando Perez <> for inclusion in IPython. October 28, 2008 IPCLUSTER(1)

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IRUNNER(1)																IRUNNER(1)

irunner - interactive runner interface SYNOPSIS
irunner [options] file_to_run DESCRIPTION
irunner is an interface to the various interactive runners available in IPython's irunner module. It can used to run scripts as if they where typed up interactively. The already implemented runners are listed below; adding one for a new program is a trivial task, see the source for examples. OPTIONS
-h, --help show this help message and exit --ipython IPython interactive runner (default). --python Python interactive runner. --sage SAGE interactive runner. EXAMPLE --python -- --help will pass --help to the python runner. Similarly, --ipython -- --interact script.ipy SEE ALSO
ipython(1) AUTHOR
irunner is an extension of Ken Schutte <>'s script contributed on the ipython-user list: This manual page was written by Bernd Zeimetz <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). Modified by Fernando Perez <> for inclusion in IPython. July 15, 2011 IRUNNER(1)
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