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GIT-PATCH-ID(1) 						    Git Manual							   GIT-PATCH-ID(1)

git-patch-id - Compute unique ID for a patch SYNOPSIS
git patch-id < <patch> DESCRIPTION
A "patch ID" is nothing but a SHA1 of the diff associated with a patch, with whitespace and line numbers ignored. As such, it's "reasonably stable", but at the same time also reasonably unique, i.e., two patches that have the same "patch ID" are almost guaranteed to be the same thing. IOW, you can use this thing to look for likely duplicate commits. When dealing with git diff-tree output, it takes advantage of the fact that the patch is prefixed with the object name of the commit, and outputs two 40-byte hexadecimal strings. The first string is the patch ID, and the second string is the commit ID. This can be used to make a mapping from patch ID to commit ID. OPTIONS
<patch> The diff to create the ID of. AUTHOR
Written by Linus Torvalds <[1]> DOCUMENTATION
Documentation by Junio C Hamano and the git-list <[2]>. GIT
Part of the git(1) suite NOTES
1. 2. Git 1.7.1 07/05/2010 GIT-PATCH-ID(1)

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GIT-MAILINFO(1) 						    Git Manual							   GIT-MAILINFO(1)

git-mailinfo - Extracts patch and authorship from a single e-mail message SYNOPSIS
git mailinfo [-k|-b] [-u | --encoding=<encoding> | -n] [--scissors] <msg> <patch> DESCRIPTION
Reads a single e-mail message from the standard input, and writes the commit log message in <msg> file, and the patches in <patch> file. The author name, e-mail and e-mail subject are written out to the standard output to be used by git am to create a commit. It is usually not necessary to use this command directly. See git-am(1) instead. OPTIONS
-k Usually the program cleans up the Subject: header line to extract the title line for the commit log message, among which (1) remove Re: or re:, (2) leading whitespaces, (3) [ up to ], typically [PATCH], and then prepends "[PATCH] ". This flag forbids this munging, and is most useful when used to read back git format-patch -k output. -b When -k is not in effect, all leading strings bracketed with [ and ] pairs are stripped. This option limits the stripping to only the pairs whose bracketed string contains the word "PATCH". -u The commit log message, author name and author email are taken from the e-mail, and after minimally decoding MIME transfer encoding, re-coded in UTF-8 by transliterating them. This used to be optional but now it is the default. Note that the patch is always used as-is without charset conversion, even with this flag. --encoding=<encoding> Similar to -u but if the local convention is different from what is specified by i18n.commitencoding, this flag can be used to override it. -n Disable all charset re-coding of the metadata. --scissors Remove everything in body before a scissors line. A line that mainly consists of scissors (either ">8" or "8<") and perforation (dash "-") marks is called a scissors line, and is used to request the reader to cut the message at that line. If such a line appears in the body of the message before the patch, everything before it (including the scissors line itself) is ignored when this option is used. This is useful if you want to begin your message in a discussion thread with comments and suggestions on the message you are responding to, and to conclude it with a patch submission, separating the discussion and the beginning of the proposed commit log message with a scissors line. This can enabled by default with the configuration option mailinfo.scissors. --no-scissors Ignore scissors lines. Useful for overriding mailinfo.scissors settings. <msg> The commit log message extracted from e-mail, usually except the title line which comes from e-mail Subject. <patch> The patch extracted from e-mail. AUTHOR
Written by Linus Torvalds <[1]> and Junio C Hamano <[2]> DOCUMENTATION
Documentation by Junio C Hamano and the git-list <[3]>. GIT
Part of the git(1) suite NOTES
1. 2. 3. Git 1.7.1 07/05/2010 GIT-MAILINFO(1)
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