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scsi_extended_sense(9s) [sunos man page]

scsi_extended_sense(9S) 				    Data Structures for Drivers 				   scsi_extended_sense(9S)

scsi_extended_sense - SCSI extended sense structure SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/scsi/scsi.h> INTERFACE LEVEL
Solaris DDI specific (Solaris DDI). DESCRIPTION
The scsi_extended_sense structure for error codes 0x70 (current errors) and 0x71 (deferred errors) is returned on a successful REQUEST SENSE command. SCSI-2 compliant targets are required to return at least the first 18 bytes of this structure. This structure is part of scsi_device(9S) structure. STRUCTURE MEMBERS
uchar_t es_valid :1; /* Sense data is valid */ uchar_t es_class :3; /* Error Class- fixed at 0x7 */ uchar_t es_code :4; /* Vendor Unique error code */ uchar_t es_segnum; /* Segment number: for COPY cmd only */ uchar_t es_filmk :1; /* File Mark Detected */ uchar_t es_eom :1; /* End of Media */ uchar_t es_ili :1; /* Incorrect Length Indicator */ uchar_t es_key :4; /* Sense key */ uchar_t es_info_1; /* Information byte 1 */ uchar_t es_info_2; /* Information byte 2 */ uchar_t es_info_3; /* Information byte 3 */ uchar_t es_info_4; /* Information byte 4 */ uchar_t es_add_len; /* Number of additional bytes */ uchar_t es_cmd_info[4]; /* Command specific information */ uchar_t es_add_code; /* Additional Sense Code */ uchar_t es_qual_code; /* Additional Sense Code Qualifier */ uchar_t es_fru_code; /* Field Replaceable Unit Code */ uchar_t es_skey_specific[3]; /* Sense Key Specific information */ es_valid, if set, indicates that the information field contains valid information. es_class should be 0x7. es_code is either 0x0 or 0x1. es_segnum contains the number of the current segment descriptor if the REQUEST SENSE command is in response to a COPY, COMPARE, and COPY AND VERIFY command. es_filmk, if set, indicates that the current command had read a file mark or set mark (sequential access devices only). es_eom, if set, indicates that an end-of-medium condition exists (sequential access and printer devices only). es_ili, if set, indicates that the requested logical block length did not match the logical block length of the data on the medium. es_key indicates generic information describing an error or exception condition. The following sense keys are defined: KEY_NO_SENSE Indicates that there is no specific sense key information to be reported. KEY_RECOVERABLE_ERROR Indicates that the last command completed successfully with some recovery action performed by the target. KEY_NOT_READY Indicates that the logical unit addressed cannot be accessed. KEY_MEDIUM_ERROR Indicates that the command terminated with a non-recovered error condition that was probably caused by a flaw on the medium or an error in the recorded data. KEY_HARDWARE_ERROR Indicates that the target detected a non-recoverable hardware failure while performing the command or during a self test. KEY_ILLEGAL_REQUEST Indicates that there was an illegal parameter in the CDB or in the additional parameters supplied as data for some commands. KEY_UNIT_ATTENTION Indicates that the removable medium might have been changed or the target has been reset. KEY_WRITE_PROTECT/KEY_DATA_PROTECT Indicates that a command that reads or writes the medium was attempted on a block that is protected from this operation. KEY_BLANK_CHECK Indicates that a write-once device or a sequential access device encountered blank medium or format-defined end-of-data indication while reading or a write-once device encountered a non-blank medium while writing. KEY_VENDOR_UNIQUE This sense key is available for reporting vendor-specific conditions. KEY_COPY_ABORTED Indicates that a COPY, COMPARE, and COPY AND VERIFY command was aborted. KEY_ABORTED_COMMAND Indicates that the target aborted the command. KEY_EQUAL Indicates that a SEARCH DATA command has satisfied an equal comparison. KEY_VOLUME_OVERFLOW Indicates that a buffered peripheral device has reached the end-of-partition and data might remain in the buffer that has not been written to the medium. KEY_MISCOMPARE Indicates that the source data did not match the data read from the medium. KEY_RESERVE Indicates that the target is currently reserved by a different initiator. es_info_{1,2,3,4} is device-type or command specific. es_add_len indicates the number of additional sense bytes to follow. es_cmd_info contains information that depends on the command that was executed. es_add_code (ASC) indicates further information related to the error or exception condition reported in the sense key field. es_qual_code (ASCQ) indicates detailed information related to the additional sense code. es_fru_code (FRU) indicates a device-specific mechanism to unit that has failed. es_skey_specific is defined when the value of the sense-key specific valid bit (bit 7) is 1. This field is reserved for sense keys not defined above. SEE ALSO
scsi_device(9S) ANSI Small Computer System Interface-2 (SCSI-2) Writing Device Drivers SunOS 5.10 30 Aug 1995 scsi_extended_sense(9S)
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