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strqset(9f) [sunos man page]

strqset(9F)						   Kernel Functions for Drivers 					       strqset(9F)

strqset - change information about a queue or band of the queue SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/stream.h> int strqset(queue_t *q, qfields_t what, unsigned char pri, intptr_t val); INTERFACE LEVEL
Architecture independent level 1 (DDI/DKI). PARAMETERS
q Pointer to the queue. what Field of the queue structure (or the specified priority band) to return information about. Valid values are one of: QHIWAT High water mark. QLOWAT Low water mark. QMAXPSZ Largest packet accepted. QMINPSZ Smallest packet accepted. pri Priority band of interest. val The value for the field to be changed. DESCRIPTION
strqset() gives drivers and modules a way to change information about a queue or a particular band of a queue without directly accessing STREAMS data structures. RETURN VALUES
On success, 0 is returned. EINVAL is returned if an undefined attribute is specified. CONTEXT
strqset() can be called from user or interrupt context. SEE ALSO
strqget(9F), queue(9S) Writing Device Drivers STREAMS Programming Guide NOTES
When lowering existing values, set QMINPSZ before setting QMAXPSZ; when raising existing values, set QMAXPSZ before setting QMINPSZ. SunOS 5.10 17 Oct 2000 strqset(9F)

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qband(9S)						    Data Structures for Drivers 						 qband(9S)

qband - STREAMS queue flow control information structure SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/stream.h> INTERFACE LEVEL
Architecture independent level 1 (DDI/DKI) DESCRIPTION
The qband structure contains flow control information for each priority band in a queue. The qband structure is defined as type qband_t. STRUCTURE MEMBERS
struct qband*qb_next; /* next band's info */ size_t qb_count /* number of bytes in band */ struct msgb *qb_first; /* start of band's data */ struct msgb *qb_last; /* end of band's data */ size_t qb_hiwat; /* band's high water mark */ size_t qb_lowat; /* band's low water mark */ uint_t qb_flag; /* see below */ Valid flags are as follows: QB_FULL Band is considered full. QB_WANTW Someone wants to write to band. SEE ALSO
strqget(9F), strqset(9F), msgb(9S), queue(9S) STREAMS Programming Guide NOTES
All access to this structure should be through strqget(9F) and strqset(9F). It is logically part of the queue(9S) and its layout and parti- tioning with respect to that structure might change in future releases. If portability is a concern, do not declare or store instances of or references to this structure. SunOS 5.10 14 Nov 1996 qband(9S)
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