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dump(9e) [sunos man page]

dump(9E)							Driver Entry Points							  dump(9E)

dump - dump memory to device during system failure SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/ddi.h> #include <sys/sunddi.h> intprefixdump(dev_t dev, caddr_t addr, daddr_t blkno, int nblk); INTERFACE LEVEL
Solaris specific (Solaris DDI). This entry point is required. For drivers that do not implement dump() routines, nodev(9F) should be used. ARGUMENTS
dev Device number. addr Address for the beginning of the area to be dumped. blkno Block offset to dump memory. nblk Number of blocks to dump. DESCRIPTION
dump() is used to dump a portion of virtual address space directly to a device in the case of system failure. It can also be used for checking the state of the kernel during a checkpoint operation. The memory area to be dumped is specified by addr (base address) and nblk (length). It is dumped to the device specified by dev starting at offset blkno. Upon completion dump() returns the status of the transfer. When the system is panicking, the calls of functions scheduled by timeout(9F) and ddi_trigger_softintr(9F) will never occur. Neither can delay(9F) be relied upon, since it is implemented via timeout(). See ddi_in_panic(9F). dump() is called at interrupt priority. RETURN VALUES
dump() returns 0 on success, or the appropriate error number. SEE ALSO
cpr(7), nodev(9F) Writing Device Drivers SunOS 5.10 9 Oct 2001 dump(9E)

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ddi_in_panic(9F)					   Kernel Functions for Drivers 					  ddi_in_panic(9F)

ddi_in_panic - determine if system is in panic state SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/ddi.h> #include <sys/sunddi.h> int ddi_in_panic(void); INTERFACE LEVEL
Solaris DDI specific (Solaris DDI). DESCRIPTION
Drivers controlling devices on which the system may write a kernel crash dump in the event of a panic can call ddi_in_panic() to determine if the system is panicking. When the system is panicking, the calls of functions scheduled by timeout(9F) and ddi_trigger_softintr(9F) will never occur. Neither can delay(9F) be relied upon, since it is implemented via timeout(9F). Drivers that need to enforce a time delay such as SCSI bus reset delay time must busy-wait when the system is panicking. RETURN VALUES
ddi_in_panic() returns 1 if the system is in panic, or 0 otherwise. CONTEXT
ddi_in_panic() may be called from any context. SEE ALSO
dump(9E), delay(9F), ddi_trigger_softintr(9F), timeout(9F) Writing Device Drivers SunOS 5.10 23 Jun 1997 ddi_in_panic(9F)

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