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systemd-rfkill.service(8) [sunos man page]

SYSTEMD-RFKILL.SERVICE(8)				      systemd-rfkill.service					 SYSTEMD-RFKILL.SERVICE(8)

systemd-rfkill.service, systemd-rfkill.socket, systemd-rfkill - Load and save the RF kill switch state at boot and change SYNOPSIS
systemd-rfkill.service systemd-rfkill.socket /lib/systemd/systemd-rfkill DESCRIPTION
systemd-rfkill.service is a service that restores the RF kill switch state at early boot and saves it on each change. On disk, the RF kill switch state is stored in /var/lib/systemd/rfkill/. KERNEL COMMAND LINE
systemd-rfkill understands the following kernel command line parameter: systemd.restore_state= Takes a boolean argument. Defaults to "1". If "0", does not restore the rfkill settings on boot. However, settings will still be stored on shutdown. SEE ALSO
systemd(1) systemd 237 SYSTEMD-RFKILL.SERVICE(8)

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SYSTEMD-LOCALED.SERVICE(8)                                    systemd-localed.service                                   SYSTEMD-LOCALED.SERVICE(8)

systemd-localed.service, systemd-localed - Locale bus mechanism SYNOPSIS
systemd-localed.service /lib/systemd/systemd-localed DESCRIPTION
systemd-localed is a system service that may be used as mechanism to change the system locale settings, as well as the console key mapping and default X11 key mapping. systemd-localed is automatically activated on request and terminates itself when it is unused. The tool localectl(1) is a command line client to this service. See the developer documentation[1] for information about the APIs systemd-localed provides. SEE ALSO
systemd(1), locale.conf(5), vconsole.conf(5), localectl(1), loadkeys(1) NOTES
1. developer documentation systemd 237 SYSTEMD-LOCALED.SERVICE(8)
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