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AT&T 3B computer systems included the 3B2, 3B5, 3B15, 3B20S, and 3B4000. These computers were named after the successful 3B20D. The 3B20S (simplex) ran using the UNIX operating system and was developed at Bell Labs and produced by WECo in 1982 for the general purpose internal Bell System use, and later the mini-computer market.
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asadmin-create-jmsobj(1AS)					   User Commands					asadmin-create-jmsobj(1AS)

asadmin-create-jmsobj, create-jmsobj - adds the named object SYNOPSIS
create-jmsobj --instance instance_name --jndilookupname|-l jndi_lookup_name --objtype|-o object_type [--jmsobjattr|-a attribute_name=value[:attribute_name=value]*] Adds the named destination. OPTIONS
--instance the name of the instance. --jndilookupname --objtype --jmsobjattr Lists the optional attribute=value pairs for configuring the resource. asadmin% create-jmsobj --instance server1 INTERFACE EQUIVALENT
JMS Destination pages asadmin-delete-jmsobj(1AS) asadmin-list-jmsobj(1AS) J2EE 1.4 SDK March 2004 asadmin-create-jmsobj(1AS)

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