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jistoeuc(1)							   User Commands						       jistoeuc(1)

jistoeuc, jistosj, euctojis, euctosj, sjtojis, sjtoeuc - Code conversion between JIS, PC kanji, and Japanese EUC SYNOPSIS
jistoeuc [-8] [-U] [filename...] jistosj [-8] [-U] [filename...] euctojis [-8] [-U] [filename...] euctosj [-U] [filename...] sjtojis [-8] [-U] [filename...] sjtoeuc [-U] [filename...] AVAILABILITY
For Japanese language handling, the jistoeuc family provides conversion between different code standards. command [ filename ...] does the specified conversion on the contents of the input filenames and writes it to stdout. If filename is not given, it reads and converts characters from the standard input. jistoeuc converts JIS to Japanese EUC jistosj converts JIS to PC kanji euctojis converts Japanese EUC to JIS euctosj converts Japanese EUC to PC kanji sjtojis converts PC kanji to JIS sjtoeuc converts PC kanji to Japanese EUC OPTIONS
-8 With this option specified, the commands jistoeuc, jistosj, sjtojis, and sjtoeuc, can support JIS X 0201 (Half-Size Katakana). This 8-bit JIS code does not use ISO Shift-In and Shift-Out escape sequences. -U The output is not buffered (The default is buffered output). SEE ALSO
iconv(1), iconv_ja(5) NOTES
This command can handle shift-in escape sequences for the following character sets: JIS X 0208 shift-in escape - \E$B, \E$(B, \E$@ JIS X 0212 shift-in escape - \E$(D JIS X 0201 Roman shift-in escape - \E(J, \E(H ASCII shift-in escape - \E(B euctojis and sjtojis can handle shift-in escape sequences for the following character sets: JIS X 0208 shift-in - \E$B JIS X 0212 shift-in - \E$(D (except when sjtojis command is specified) JIS X 0201 Roman shift-in - \E(J jistoeuc does not check whether or not each code in the input file is correct. Conversion with PC kanji is not based on TOG Japanese Ven- dors Council (TOG/JVC) Recommended Code Set Conversion Specification between Japanese EUC and Shift-JIS. The iconv(1) utility provides these functions. See iconv(1) and iconv_ja(5) for more information. BUGS
If JIS X 0212 character set is specified as input, jistosj and euctosj can not support the conversion correctly. euctosj, sjtoeuc, jis- tosj, and sjtojis can support conversion correctly only if JIS X 0208 1 ku - 84 ku is specified as input. SunOS 5.10 10 Jan 2003 jistoeuc(1)

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