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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for tixdirselectdialog (redhat section n)

tixDirSelectDialog(n)		      Tix Built-In Commands		    tixDirSelectDialog(n)


       tixDirSelectDialog - Create and manipulate directory selection dialogs.

       tixDirSelectDialog pathName ?options?

       TixDirSelectDialog  supports  all  the  standard  options  of  a  toplevel widget. See the
       options(n) manual entry for details on the standard options.

       [-command command] Specifies the command to be called when the user selects a directory in
       the  dialog  box.  The command is called with one extra argument, the complete pathname of
       the directory. If the user cancels the selection, this command is not called.

       Name:	      dirbox
       Class:	      TixDirSelectBox

	      The DirSelectBox widget that consists of the main part of the dialog.

       Name:	      cancel
       Class:	      Button

	      The "Cancel" button.

       Name:	      ok
       Class:	      Buton

	      The "OK" button.

       The tixDirSelectDialog command creates a new window (given by the pathName  argument)  and
       makes it into a DirSelectDialog widget.	Additional options, described above, may be spec-
       ified on the command line or in the option database to configure aspects of the DirSelect-
       Dialog such as its cursor and relief.

       The DirSelectDialog widget presents the directories in the file system in a dialog window.
       The user can use this dialog window to navigate through the  file  system  to  select  the
       desired directory.

       The  tixDirSelectDialog	command  creates  a new Tcl command whose name is the same as the
       path name of the DirSelectDialog's window.  This command may be	used  to  invoke  various
       operations on the widget. It has the following general form:
		     pathName option ?arg arg ...?
       PathName  is  the  name	of the command, which is the same as the DirSelectDialog widget's
       path name. Option and the args determine the exact behavior of the command. The	following
       commands are possible for DirSelectDialog widgets:

       pathName cget option
	      Returns  the  current value of the configuration option given by option. Option may
	      have any of the values accepted by the tixDirSelectDialog command.

       pathName configure ?option? ?value option value ...?
	      Query or modify the configuration options of the widget.	If no  option  is  speci-
	      fied,  returns  a  list  describing  all of the available options for pathName (see
	      Tk_ConfigureInfo for information on the format of this list).  If option is  speci-
	      fied with no value, then the command returns a list describing the one named option
	      (this list will be identical to the corresponding sublist of the value returned  if
	      no option is specified).	If one or more option-value pairs are specified, then the
	      command modifies the given widget option(s) to have the  given  value(s);  in  this
	      case  the  command  returns  an  empty  string.	Option may have any of the values
	      accepted by the tixDirSelectDialog command.

       pathName popup
	      Pops up the DirSelectDialog widget on the screen.

       pathName subwidget  name ?args?
	      When no options are given, this command returns the pathname of  the  subwidget  of
	      the specified name.

	      When  options  are  given,  the  widget  command of the specified subwidget will be
	      called with these options.

	      set dlg [tixDirSelectDialog .dlg -command SelectDir]
	      $dlg popup

	      proc SelectDir {dir} {
		  puts "You have selected \"$dir\""


Tix					       4.1			    tixDirSelectDialog(n)

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