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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for gets (redhat section n)

gets(n) 			      Tcl Built-In Commands				  gets(n)


       gets - Read a line from a channel

       gets channelId ?varName?

       This command reads the next line from channelId, returns everything in the line up to (but
       not including) the end-of-line character(s), and discards  the  end-of-line  character(s).
       If  varName  is	omitted the line is returned as the result of the command.  If varName is
       specified then the line is placed in the variable by that name and the return value  is	a
       count of the number of characters returned.

       If  end	of  file  occurs  while scanning for an end of line, the command returns whatever
       input is available up to the end of file.  If channelId is in nonblocking mode  and  there
       is  not	a  full line of input available, the command returns an empty string and does not
       consume any input.  If varName is specified and an empty string	is  returned  in  varName
       because	of  end-of-file  or  because  of  insufficient data in nonblocking mode, then the
       return count is -1.  Note that if varName is not specified then the  end-of-file  and  no-
       full-line-available cases can produce the same results as if there were an input line con-
       sisting only of the end-of-line character(s).  The eof and fblocked commands can  be  used
       to distinguish these three cases.

       file(n), eof(n), fblocked(n)

       blocking, channel, end of file, end of line, line, nonblocking, read

Tcl					       7.5					  gets(n)

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