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       usernetctl - allow a user to manipulate a network interface if permitted

       usernetctl interface-name up|down|report

       usernetctl  checks  to see if users are allowed to manipulate the network interface speci-
       fied by interface-name, and then tries to bring the network interface up or down, if up or
       down  was specified on the command line, or returns true or false status (respectively) if
       the report option was specified.

       usernetctl is not really meant to be called directly by users, though it  currently  works
       fine  that way.	It is used as a wrapper by the ifup and ifdown scripts, so that users can
       do exactly the same thing as root:
       ifup interface-name
       ifdown interface-name
       and ifup and ifdown will call usernetctl  automatically	to  allow  the	interface  status

	      The  name  of  the  network interface to check; for example, "ppp0".  For backwards
	      compatibility,  "ifcfg-ppp0"  and  "/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ppp0"  are
	      also supported.

	      Attempt to bring the interface up or down.

       report Report on whether users can bring the interface up or down.

       Alternate device configurations may inherit the default configuration's permissions.

RHS					  Red Hat, Inc. 			    USERNETCTL(8)
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