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USERDEL(8)									       USERDEL(8)

       userdel - Delete a user account and related files

       userdel [-r] login

       The  userdel command modifies the system account files, deleting all entries that refer to
       login.  The named user must exist.  The options which apply to the userdel command are:

       -r     Files in the user's home directory will be removed along with  the  home	directory
	      itself and the user's mail spool.  Files located in other file systems will have to
	      be searched for and deleted manually.

       /etc/passwd - user account information
       /etc/shadow - secure user account information
       /etc/group - group information

       userdel will not allow you to remove an account if the user is currently logged	in.   You
       must kill any running processes which belong to an account that you are deleting.  You may
       not remove any NIS attributes on an NIS client.	This must be performed on the NIS server.

       chfn(1), chsh(1), passwd(1), groupadd(8), groupdel(8), groupmod(8), useradd(8), usermod(8)

       Julianne Frances Haugh (jockgrrl@ix.netcom.com)

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