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CHFN(1) 			      Linux Reference Manual				  CHFN(1)

       chfn - change your finger information

       chfn  [ -f full-name ]  [ -o office ]  [ -p office-phone ] [ -h home-phone ] [ -u ] [ -v ]
       [ username ]

       chfn is used to change your  finger  information.   This  information  is  stored  in  the
       /etc/passwd  file,  and is displayed by the finger program.  The Linux finger command will
       display four pieces of information that can be changed by chfn : your real name, your work
       room and phone, and your home phone.

       Any  of the four pieces of information can be specified on the command line.  If no infor-
       mation is given on the command line, chfn enters interactive mode.

       In interactive mode, chfn will prompt for each field.  At a prompt, you can enter the  new
       information,  or just press return to leave the field unchanged.  Enter the keyword "none"
       to make the field blank.

       -f, --full-name
	      Specify your real name.

       -o, --office
	      Specify your office room number.

       -p, --office-phone
	      Specify your office phone number.

       -h, --home-phone
	      Specify your home phone number.

       -u, --help
	      Print a usage message and exit.

       -v, --version
	      Print version information and exit.

       finger(1), passwd(5)

       Salvatore Valente <svalente@mit.edu>

chfn					 October 13 1994				  CHFN(1)
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