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suexec(8)										suexec(8)

       suexec - Switch User For Exec

       suexec -V

       No other synopsis for usage, because this program is otherwise only used internally by the
       Apache HTTP server.

       suexec is the "wrapper" support program for the	suexec	behaviour  for	the  Apache  HTTP
       server.	 It is run from within the server automatically to switch the user when an exter-
       nal program has to be run under a different user. For more information about  suexec,  see
       the  online  document  `Apache  suexec  Support'  on the HTTP server project's Web site at
       http://httpd.apache.org/docs/suexec.html .

       -V     Display the list of compile-time settings used when suexec  was  built.	No  other
	      action is taken.


					    March 2001					suexec(8)
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