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ovdb_upgrade(8) 		    InterNetNews Documentation			  ovdb_upgrade(8)

       ovdb_upgrade - Perform any needed upgrades on the ovdb database


       The ovdb_upgrade command is be used to upgrade the ovdb database when migrating to a newer
       version of the BerkeleyDB library (in which there is a change in BerkeleyDB's internal db

       The upgrade is done in-place, and is not reversable.

       Here is an example procedure to upgrade a database created with BerkeleyDB 2.x to use
       BerkeleyDB 3.x:

       1   Install BerkeleyDB 3.x

       2   Do a `make clean' in the INN source tree

       3   If BerkeleyDB 3.x is installed into a different path than the 2.x version, run config-
	   ure again, specifying the new path.	For example: `./configure --with-berke-
	   leydb=/usr/local/BerkeleyDB.3.x  [... other options]'

       4   Shut down INN (e.g., with `rc.news stop').  Be sure to kill all nnrpds as well.

       5   Do a `make update' to build INN with the new BerkeleyDB version and install the new

       6   Run `ovdb_upgrade' as the news user.

       7   Start INN with `rc.news'

       Written by Heath Kehoe <hakehoe@avalon.net> for InterNetNews.


3rd Berkeley Distribution		     INN 2.3				  ovdb_upgrade(8)
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