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mkraid(8)										mkraid(8)

       mkraid - initializes/upgrades RAID device arrays

       mkraid [--configfile] [--version] [--force]	     [--upgrade] [-cvfu] </dev/md?>+

       mkraid  sets up a set of block devices into a single RAID array.  It looks in its configu-
       ration file for the md devices mentioned  on  the  command  line,  and  initializes  those
       arrays.	 mkraid  works	for  all  types  of  RAID arrays (RAID1, RAID4, RAID5, LINEAR and

       Note that initializing RAID devices destroys all of the data on the consituent devices.

       -c, --configfile filename
	      Use filename as the configuration file (/etc/raidtab is used by default).

       -f, --force
	      Initialize the consituent devices, even  if  they  appear  to  have  data  on  them

       -h, --help
	      Displays a short usage message, then exits.

       -o, --upgrade
	      This  option  upgrades  older  arrays to the current kernel's RAID version, without
	      destroying data. Although the utility detects various pitfalls like mixed up  disks
	      and inconsistent superblocks, this option should be used with care.

       -V, --version
	      Displays a short version message, then exits.

       The  raidtools are derived from the md-tools and raidtools packages, which were originally
       written by Marc Zyngier, Miguel de Icaza, Gadi Oxman, Bradley Ward Allen, and Ingo Molnar.

       Probably many.

       raidtab(5), raidstart(8), raid0run(8), raidstop(8)

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