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lpmove(8)			      Easy Software Products				lpmove(8)

       lpmove - move a job to a new destination

       lpmove [ -E ] job destination

       lpmove  moves  the  specified  job to destination. job can be the job ID number or the old
       destination and job ID:

	    lpmove 123 newprinter
	    lpmove oldprinter-123 newprinter

       The -E option forces encryption when connecting to the server.

       The System V version of this command also allows moving of all  jobs  from  one	queue  to
       another. This functionality is currently not supported by CUPS.

       cancel(1), lp(1), CUPS Software Users Manual, http://localhost:631/documentation.html

       Copyright 1993-2002 by Easy Software Products, All Rights Reserved.

23 January 2001 		   Common UNIX Printing System				lpmove(8)
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