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BOUNCE(8)										BOUNCE(8)

       bounce - Postfix message bounce or defer daemon

       bounce [generic Postfix daemon options]

       The  bounce  daemon  maintains per-message log files with non-delivery status information.
       Each log file is named after the queue file that it corresponds to, and is kept in a queue
       subdirectory  named after the service name in the master.cf file (either bounce or defer).
       This program expects to be run from the master(8) process manager.

       The bounce daemon processes two types of service requests:

       o      Append a recipient status record to a per-message log file.

       o      Post a bounce message, with a copy of a log file and of the corresponding  message.
	      When the bounce is posted successfully, the log file is deleted.

       The software does a best effort to notify the sender that there was a problem. A notifica-
       tion is sent even when the log file or original message cannot be read.

       Optionally, a client can request that  the  per-message	log  file  be  deleted	when  the
       requested  operation  fails.   This  is	used by clients that cannot retry transactions by
       themselves, and that depend on retry logic in their own client.

       RFC 822 (ARPA Internet Text Messages)
       RFC 1894 (Delivery Status Notifications)

       Problems and transactions are logged to syslogd(8).

       The log files use an ad-hoc, unstructured format. This will have to  change  in	order  to
       easily support standard delivery status notifications.

       The  following main.cf parameters are especially relevant to this program. See the Postfix
       main.cf file for syntax details and for default values. Use  the  postfix  reload  command
       after a configuration change.

	      The recipient of single bounce postmaster notices.

	      The recipient of double bounce postmaster notices.

	      The recipient of "delayed mail" postmaster notices.

	      Limit the amount of original message context that is sent in a non-delivery notifi-

	      Use this mail system name in the introductory text at the start of  a  bounce  mes-

	      Notify  the  postmaster  of  bounced  mail  when this parameter includes the bounce
	      class. For privacy reasons, the message body is not included.

       master(8) process manager
       qmgr(8) queue manager
       syslogd(8) system logging

       The Secure Mailer license must be distributed with this software.

       Wietse Venema
       IBM T.J. Watson Research
       P.O. Box 704
       Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, USA

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