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cups-polld(8)			      Easy Software Products			    cups-polld(8)

       cups-polld - cups printer polling daemon

       cups-polld address ipp-port interval browse-port

       cups-polld polls remote servers for a list of available printers and printer classes every
       interval seconds. Printer and class information is then broadcast to the localhost  inter-
       face ( for reception by cupsd(8).

       This  program is started automatically by cupsd for each BrowsePoll directive found in the
       cupsd.conf file.

       cupsd.conf(5),  CUPS  Software  Administrators	Manual,   http://localhost:631/documenta-

       Copyright 1993-2002 by Easy Software Products, All Rights Reserved.

10 May 2000			   Common UNIX Printing System			    cups-polld(8)
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