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       convertquota - convert quota from old file format to new one

       convertquota [ -ug ] [ -e | -f ] filesystem

       convertquota  converts old quota files quota.user and quota.group to files aquota.user and
       aquota.group in new format currently used by 2.4.0-ac? and newer or by Red Hat  Linux  2.4
       kernels on filesystem.

       New  file  format  allows  using  quotas  for 32-bit uids / gids, setting quotas for root,
       accounting used space in bytes (and so allowing use of quotas in ReiserFS) and it is  also
       architecture  independent. This format introduces Radix Tree (a simple form of tree struc-
       ture) to quota file.

       -u     convert user quota file. This is the default.

       -g     convert group quota file.

       -f     convert from old file format to new one. This is the default.

       -e     convert new file format from big endian to little endian.

       -V     print version information.

       aquota.user	   new user quota file

       aquota.group	   new group quota file

       quota(1), setquota(8), edquota(8), quotacheck(8), quotaon(8), repquota(8)

       Jan Kara <jack@suse.cz>

4th Berkeley Distribution		 Fri Aug 20 1999			  CONVERTQUOTA(8)
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