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SETQUOTA(8)									      SETQUOTA(8)

       setquota - set disk quotas

       /usr/sbin/setquota  [  -r  ]  [	-u  | -g ] [ -F quotaformat ] name block-softlimit block-
       hardlimit inode-softlimit inode-hardlimit -a | filesystem...

       /usr/sbin/setquota [ -r ] [ -u | -g ] [ -F quotaformat ]  [  -p	protoname  ]  name  -a	|

       /usr/sbin/setquota -t [ -u | -g ] [ -F quotaformat ] block-grace inode-grace -a | filesys-

       setquota is a command line quota editor.  The filesystem, user/group name and  new  quotas
       for this filesystem can be specified on the command line.

       -r     Edit also remote quota use rpc.rquotad on remote server to set quota.

       -F quotaformat
	      Perform  setting	for  specified	format	(ie. don't perform format autodetection).
	      Possible format names are: vfsold (version 1 quota), vfsv0 (version 2  quota),  rpc
	      (quota over NFS), xfs (quota on XFS filesystem)

       -u     Set user quotas for named user. This is the default.

       -g     Set group quotas for named group.

       -p protoname
	      Use  quota  settings of user or group protoname to set the quota for the named user
	      or group.

       -t     Set grace times for users/groups. Times block-grace and inode-grace  are	specified
	      in seconds.

       -a     Go through all filesystems with quota in /etc/mtab and perform setting.

       To  disable  a  quota,  set  the coresponding parameter to 0. To change quotas for several
       filesystems, invoke once for each filesystem.

       Only the super-user may edit quotas.

       aquota.user or aquota.group
			   quota file at the filesystem root (version 2 quota,	non-XFS  filesys-
       quota.user or quota.group
			   quota  file	at the filesystem root (version 1 quota, non-XFS filesys-
       /etc/mtab	   mounted filesystem table

       edquota(8), quota(1), quotactl(2), quotacheck(8), quotaon(8), repquota(8)

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